Sunday, August 27, 2006

Résumé Font Offends Employer

The Onion

Résumé Font Offends Employer

CHARLOTTE, NC—The decision to set his résumé in default-font Times–New Roman "deeply, personally, and irrevocably" offended a prospective employer of Seth Hershey Monday. "I look for quality, pedigree, and competency in the résumés that cross my desk, but I don't care if you founded the Harvard School of Business—if you're going to use a crap typeface like this, you might as well send me a finger painting in your own shit," said HealthBest South Associate Vice-President Dick Scottsfield shortly after hurling the document across his office in disgust. "Did he think we'd accept something like this here? Does he take me for a damn fool? If he had chosen the correct font, why, I could've even overlooked this cheap, 14-lb. cotton stock paper." Scottsfield said he intends to offer the job to the first person who uses a decent 12-point Cheltenham Book with an elegant leading.
Alright, where do I start... how about THIS IS FUCKING PATHETIC!!! Because of a fuckin FONT, come on people! This world has gone completely out of control (as am I after reading this)! This is the problem in the job world, too many picky little bitches that have to have every little detail their way. Employers need to get it through their damn heads that not every person you hire has to be exaclty like you & even know what damn font you prefer. If every employer was like this little piece of shit immature vermin we wouldn't even have a job force much less a worker class society.

This is shameful, the man was probably a genius for all that idiot knows. And just becasue his choice of font he goes & throws out the resume. The man could've even brought that company the best revenue it's ever seen but noooooo because he used times new roman fontface. Fuckin dickhead! He sure lives up to his name dick scottsfield -aka- dicksuk scottie.

I hope when that little bastard scottsfield (no way I'm giving that fucker a capital letter in his name) dies his family uses times new roman on his damn gravestone.... piece of shit! It's people like that whom don't even deserve the opportunity to even BE an employer much less an employee.

And lets hope to (insert your god's name here) that fucktard little twatwaffle s.o.b.'s like this bastard NEVER get the chance to stick his tiny pecker in any leading position like say president/king (or queen) or even a mayor or this planet is surely fucking doomed! I hope whoever gets the job that used his preferred font is a fuking idiot that will bring that corp down to the very mud which it was founded.

That's my little Fuck You! rant for the time being... btw .... I USED TIME'S YOU BITCH scottsfield

~Eternal ("Fuck you and your font preference") Fallout

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Team finds 'proof' of dark matter

US astronomers say they have found the first direct evidence for the mysterious stuff called dark matter.
Dark matter - which does not emit or reflect enough light to be "seen" - is thought to make up 25% of the Universe.
Bullet cluster, Nasa
The claims are based on observations of the Bullet Cluster

By contrast, the ordinary matter we can see is believed to make up no more than about 5% of our Universe.
Until now, astronomers have only been able to infer the existence of this dark material through the gravitational effects it has on ordinary matter.

What the researchers have done is, in effect, to identify the gravitational "signature" of dark matter.

This signature was created by dark matter and ordinary matter being wrenched apart by the immense collision of two large galaxy clusters.

"The kinetic energy of this collision is... enough to completely evaporate and pulverise planet Earth ten trillion, trillion times over," said team member Maxim Markevitch, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, US.
Study leader Doug Clowe, from the University of Arizona, said: "This provides the first direct proof that dark matter must exist and that it must make up the majority of the matter in the Universe."

Gravity puzzle

Astronomers have known since the 1930s that these galaxy clusters have far too much gravity to be explained by the amount of visible matter in them alone.
This extra gravity has two possible explanations. One is that most matter in the clusters is in a form we cannot see, because it does not absorb or emit light. A second explanation is that gravity does not behave the same way in galaxy clusters light-years in size as it does on Earth.

70% - dark energy
25% - dark matter
5% - ordinary matter
Usually, the gas and the galaxies in the clusters are held close together in space by gravity.

But in the cosmic smash-up (the colliding feature is known to astronomers as the Bullet Cluster), these components have been pulled apart. The astronomers were lucky enough to catch the collision just 100 million years after it occurred - the blink of an eye in cosmic time.

The researchers could see that the hot gas in the collision had been slowed down by a drag force, similar to air resistance. Meanwhile, the galaxies themselves continued speeding through space, leaving the gas behind.

Dark matter particles should not slow down in the same way as the gas; they do not interact directly with themselves or the gas except through gravity. Instead, dark matter should behave in a similar way to the galaxies.

More mass in gas

If dark matter did exist, the astronomers expected to find the majority of mass in clusters residing around the galaxies. But if dark matter did not exist, most of the galaxy clusters' mass would be in its diffuse hot gas. This is because galaxy clusters typically contain 10 times as much ordinary mass in gas as in stars. The researchers found most of the mass was located near the galaxies - ahead of the gas clouds - showing the dark matter really was there. The majority of the Universe - some 70% - is composed of dark energy, an equally mysterious quantity which exerts negative pressure.

"Dark matter and dark energy are not what anyone would have expected starting from the perspective of what the Universe should be like," said Sean Carroll, a cosmologist at the University of Chicago, who was not involved with the study, "but we're trying to understand why it's like that and this result puts us on that path."

Marusa Bradac, at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (Slac) in California, added: "We had predicted the existence of dark matter for decades, but now we've seen it in action. This is groundbreaking."

In order to locate the mass in the clusters, researchers used the Chandra and Hubble space telescopes, along with the Very Large Telescope and Magellan optical telescopes in Chile.

This was done by measuring the effect of gravitational lensing, where gravity from the clusters distorts light from background galaxies, as predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity.